macOS Sierra Fujitsu glitch – Workaround

In macOS Sierra exists a problem with PDF files created with Fujitsu ScanSnap Software. It is possible to lose data. That’s a big thing. You open your PDF and it is simply a blank page. Actually they have released fixed versions.

The Workaround

If you want to be 100% secure you should recreate your PDF files. My ScanSnap S1300i was shipped with Abbyy FineReader included. All my files live in the great DEVONThink Pro. Yes it is not the Office Version with integrated Abby FineReader. I am using a Workflow that scans directly to Abbyy FineReader for ScanSnap and then hands over the file to Hazel. She processes the file and adds it to DEVONThink. So I can add Tags and rename files based on their content automatically.

So here is what you can do, prior to updating to Sierra:

  1. Make a detailed metadata search in DEVONThink for your Scanner Model. All files created by ScanSnap Manager for S1300i are displayed if you search for 1300i.bildschirmfoto-2016-10-29-um-19-25-17
  2. Right click those files after you have selected them and choose open with… Abby Fine Reader.
  3. Abby Fine Reader is then trying to OCR your PDF files. It creates new files with _OCR at the end of the file name. They are completely rewritten from Abbyy and not created in the way the ScanSnap Manager has created PDF’s before.
  4. Run the following script (see below) in the folder where all the PDF’s live. If you are using DEVONThink it is the files.noindex folder in your Database.
  5. The script searches for all the _OCR.pdf files and writes their path to a text file in your home directory. Then processes the text file, deleting the _OCR from the file name and overwriting the original file.

Be careful!!!
Make a Backup first!!!
Try it in a separate folder with test data!!!

Here is the script:
Remove the „echo“ to rename the files finally.
The echo is your safety-belt, it prints what will be done after it is removed.


# Dateien suchen, die den Kriterien entsprechen
# und in eine Datei schreiben.
find . -name "*_OCR.pdf" > ~/OCRFiles.txt

# Datei einlesen und jede Zeile abarbeiten
cat ~/OCRFiles.txt | while read f; do

echo mv "$f" "${f/_OCR/}"


The old files I had, created with ScanSnap Manager are all readable and editable.


You are using this procedure on your own risk!!!
If you are not familiar with the terminal and don’t really know what is written above, then do not touch your data. Read the Fujitsu Website and follow their instructions.



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